Packaging & Print

Journal de l'architecture en Midi-Pyrénées

Graphic Design

Global Design

Label design

Paquebots - Poster Design

Corporate Identity tools

Musée des Augustins - Branding Design

Illustration / Print / Limited edition

Corporate Identity

Monograph : LCR Architectes Book Design

Poster & Graphic Design

LCR Graphic Design

Branding Branding and design around the fashion wear "OwnMeNow".

Illustration & Global design


Featuring & Global design

MATOU Musée de l'affiche de Toulouse

Un bél événement / Branding

AR App Design

Art Direction

Logo design

Layout Design

Art Direction

Label design

Carte des Paysages Sonores - Parc des Coteaux

Garona Cup 2015

Opening Architects Days Interactive portfolio

Domaine Tembouret - Art Direction

La Galerie Culinaire


Garona Cup 2014

ELECTRO ALTERNATIV Electro Alternativ - 10 YEARS

Unendliche Studio - Branding

Architecture Open Days

Le Ver Luisant - Branding



Bureau Architectures Sans Titre Portfolio Design

iPad App "Spectres & Variations"
"Spectres & Variations" is a Art Work from a "Call for application of Digital Culture in languedoc Roussillon", October 2011.

Sep 2013

Book design - Spectres & Variations

Garona Cup 2013

Album from Kreus

Interactive Lab

Novae - iPhone Game Design

May 2013

Nuit des musées - Poster Design

Colloque CESAER-INRA & CMH - École Normale Supérieure
Design of the official conference program given by the Commission on Sustainable Development, Infrastructure, equipment and land planning.

Dec 2012

Cultural communication
Identity of Contemporary Art exhibition.

Oct 2012

Les Milésiennes
Micro edition.

Sep 2012

Toulouse & Me
Development of the visual identity, communication and usability of the application "Toulouse & Me." IPhone and Android applications run in real time on Toulouse, places, leisure and amenities.

Sep 2012

Mai numérique
Graphic design and communication for a Digital Festival.

May 2012

Art Direction & Ergonomics

Feb 2012

Branding project around «Size My Bike»
SizeMyBike is an iPhone bike fitting app. Define your anatomy with 6 body measurements and SizeMyBike will compute the optimal geometry of your road...

Jan 2012