Sécurité au travail, exhibition

Graphic Design

Toulouse, poster

AD Cappiello exhibition

Packaging & Print

Journal de l'architecture en Midi-Pyrénées

Global Design

Label design

Paquebots - Poster Design

Corporate Identity tools

Musée des Augustins - Branding Design

Illustration / Print / Limited edition

Corporate Identity

Monograph : LCR Architectes Book Design

Poster & Graphic Design

LCR Graphic Design

Branding Branding and design around the fashion wear "OwnMeNow".

Illustration & Global design


Featuring & Global design

MATOU Musée de l'affiche de Toulouse

Un bél événement / Branding

AR App Design

Art Direction

Logo design

Layout Design

Art Direction

Label design

Carte des Paysages Sonores - Parc des Coteaux

Garona Cup 2015

Opening Architects Days Interactive portfolio

Domaine Tembouret - Art Direction


Garona Cup 2014

Unendliche Studio - Branding

Architecture Open Days

Le Ver Luisant- Branding



Bureau Architectures Sans Titre Portfolio Design

iPad App "Spectres & Variations"
"Spectres & Variations" is a Art Work from a "Call for application of Digital Culture in languedoc Roussillon", October 2011.

Sep 2013

Book design - Spectres & Variations

Garona Cup 2013

Album from Kreus

Interactiv Lab

Novae - iPhone Game Design

May 2013

Colloque CESAER-INRA & CMH - École Normale Supérieure

Dec 2012

Cultural communication

Oct 2012

Les Milésiennes

Sep 2012

Toulouse & Me
ビジュアル·アイデンティティ、通信とアプリケーションのユーザビリティの開発 "トゥールーズ&ミー。" IPhoneとAndroidアプリケーションは、ツールーズ、場所、レジャー、設備上でリアルタイムに実行されます。

Sep 2012

Mai numérique

May 2012

Art Direction & Ergonomics

Feb 2012