About Gminuscule

Gminuscule is independent graphic design practice run by Guillaume Beinat based actually in Toulouse, France. Graphic designer and teacher, he try to get a keen eye for detail, simplicity and relevance within the work he produce. From corporate design and print to website design, he try to realise every project with a fresh mindset, from initial research and concepts to final production.

Expertise in the heart of the project. My ideas and creative work are built around the desire of my client and requirements of the project. My structure keeps you agile and very responsive on, both small and most important communication projects. My experience provides my clients a pragmatic view on their image and their positioning. I offer a unique creative dimension, interactive, rich in reference, far away from stereotypical graphic production.

Interactive graphic designer & I work between Toulouse and Bordeaux in the private, institutional, cultural and educational sectors. In the same time, I manage the artistic and editorial direction of Tazasproject studio, specializes in publishing and the creation of interactive installations.


2016/ Works in the fields of Corporate Identity, Publishing, Art Direction, Interactive Design, Branding, Signage. Before, worked in Germany and Japan as independent graphic designer.

2016/ Teach interactive design at ECV Bordeaux (seminar, workshop, conference). Before, teach in Université Toulouse Jean Jaurès (Department Plastic arts), Coordinator Art school Maryse Éloy, Toulouse.


Musée de l'affiche Toulouse, Mairie de Lormont, Groupe Cassin, le Sénat, BAST Architectes, LCR Architectes, Musée Marie Petiet, Festival Electro Alternativ, Agence Tandem, Agence A Tout sens, Agence Web Aparticula etc.